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Whether you're a small business, a growing business, or a struggling business, with the Harmony Pay app, you'll be a great business. Newbies welcomed :)

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Harmony Pay Application

The Harmony Pay Application is a mobile and tablet-based application that runs on the Android and iOS Operating Systems. The HPA provide users to make appointments, view promotions and make payments through several payment options. The HPA allows merchants with authenticated accounts access to customer appointments, view inventory, process payments and view various reports.


Harmony Pay Application Website

The Harmony Administrative Application Website provides the same essential features as the HPA with the exception that it does not support a payment system for merchants.


Harmony Administrative Website

The Harmony Administrative Websites provides the capability for new merchants to register with the Harmony Pay, Inc. The HAW provides various reports showing performance data for the merchants registered with the Harmony Pay, Inc.

For Consumers

Every merchant wants the consumer to subscribe to their exclusive app to receive their exclusive deals. Before long, your inbox is cluttered with ads.
How many apps, planners, alarms, sticky-notes do we all keep to power our daily lives? How many times have we’ve let something slip through the cracks or forgot to pay a bill or missed an incredible deal because we were not processing the right information?
Ever try to transfer money to someone and have to setup the app that they are using? Ever split a check and have to endure a painful experience of accounting and hurt feelings? Or go to a store and forget your wallet? Or don’t have room in your clutch bag for all your cards, membership deals, etc.?
As a consumer, everyone wants more for less. Coupon clipping, Black Friday deals, Cyber Mondays, are gimmicks meant to draw the most prudent customers. What if only the deals you want came to you?
Ever travel to a new city or move to a new neighborhood and not know where the best deals?

For Merchants

From services to retail, all merchants want to maximize their inventory. Retailers may find stale inventory digging a hole in their profit margins while consumers want those exact items.
Consumers and merchants have a similar goal: Consumers want the best deals and merchants want to reach those consumers. Each year, merchants spend billions of dollars advertising their incredible services to slates of unknown consumers.
Time is our most important and most scarce resource. Businesses everywhere know the pains of slow time as their employees with little to no clients while their profits shrink. How can they fill up these gaps? How can businesses reach those millennials glued to their phones? How can they maximize their staff’s time?
Forget the supply and demand graph. What if you could create a demand for your product?


Business owners juggle with many types of management: Staff, Inventory, and Customer relations. HarmonyPay is a one-stop app that takes the struggle out of the juggle. Four ingenious features makes management more manageable:


Two-way appointment booking


Live check-In walt list    


Live local marketing


Peer-to-peer payments



Best Deals in Real Time

Receive best deals in real-time based on location and wish list


Mobile Payment

Fast and easy payments Competitive rewards points


Interactive Booking

Book appointments through mobile - app or online Personalize booking Automatic check-in waiting list



Send, receive, and request payments from friends and family Electronic gift cards accepted by all merchants


group 4769


Real-Time Marketing

Create demand instantly
Fill appointment gaps


Interactive Booking

Two-way booking
Streamline check-in management


Payment System

Accept all payment types
Safe and secure encryption with tokenization


Awesome Support & Services

Real people, 24/7 support through phone, text, chats, and emails
Multi-lingual staff

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Release on June - 2019

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