HarmonyPayment Gift Card Introdution

1. What is Harmony Gift Card

Harmony Gift Card is a card loaded with a certain amount of money (20, 50, 100), issued by HarmonyPayment Inc. This card is integrated within a Harmony Pay App, allows all customer to make:

  • Online payment via Harmony App
  • Or via Harmony POS System at merchants


Easy to go with Harmony Gift Card and eGift Card

Harmony Payment Inc issued two types of Harmony Gift Card, physical card and eGift. You can either choose one or both types of card for your interest.

Physical gift cards are actual physical (plastic) cards that you could buy directly at Harmony merchants and stores.

Harmony eGift Card is a digital card, electronically delivered directly to your app or online platforms.

All these cards are composed of a card number and a PIN number, which is used to make a payment on the Harmony App and merchants



Make Harmony Gift Card a real gift

Make a suprise for your family, loved ones or friends on any occasion with Harmony Gift Card as a Gift. Since there is no registration needed, they can easily use this valued card to make any payment via our Harmony App and merchants

Be updated with new promotions

With a Harmony Gift Card, you could be updated with new promotions or discounts from an array of HarmonyPayment merchants. All to make your way of using Harmony service a real "harmonized" and smoothed one.


2. How to get Harmony Gift Card?

For physical Gift Card

Buy it directly on your website or visit our merchants to purchase one at a fair price. Please make sure that when you buy at merchants, the merchant will activate the card before handing it over to you.



For eGift Card

  1. Log in to your Harmony App
  2. Choose the Harmony eGift Card
  3. Make payment with your balance or with a Visa, American Express, Mastercard, or any other debit or credit card during check out.

3. How to gift Harmony Gift Card to others

On your website or app, please follow these steps

  1. Select the gift card you would like to buy and the value loaded onto it.

  2. For gifting, please enter the recipient's email address, your name, short message to be sent along with your gift.

  3. Complete the payment process for you purchase.



4. How to use or redeem Harmony Gift Card

A Harmony Gift Card or eGift should be accepted by any of our Harmony merchants.

To redeem Harmony Gift Card at merchants

You can simply add a Harmony gift card and then using durindg checkout - just like cash or any other credit or debit card.

*To redeem Harmony Gift Card via Harmony App

Please follow these instructions:

  1. Login your Harmony App

  2. Choose the service that you want

  3. Add the Harmony Gift Card PIN number and make payment with your balance or with a Visa, American Express, Mastercard, or any other debit or credit card during the checkout.


Please be noticed that for all circumtances, this Gift Card is non-refundable and can not be exchanged for cash in part or full and is valid for a single transaction only.

For more terms and conditions, please visit our Harmony Gift Card terms and Conditions Page,via https://www.harmonypayment.com/