Harmony Pay is an app for business owners, built by business owners.

We know that time is your main and most scarce resource.

A one-stop app that balances economic growth with ecological awareness.

All businesses look for that holy grail: The ability to harness today’s best technology to maximize their profits. While there may not be a holy-grail, there is a way to make life easier for business owners.

Pocket-size capitalism.

Our Team

Robert Omara

Chief Technology Officer

He is a seasoned developer.

Dat Jerry Nguyen


Dat Jerry Nguyen, CEO, has been a small business owner for decades. After observing how “big”
companies run their businesses and the waste innately involved in companies that grow too big to
manage, he decided to centralize his experience with the advent of today’s technology.

Vinh Nguyen

Executive Vice President

Vinh is an electrical engineer for over 20 years.

Minhdy "Zee" Tran

Chief Operating Officer

She is well-trained manager of a merchant service provider
and an attorney with nearly 10 years
of practicing experience.

Market Opportunity

Salon POS market - $65 billion industry IBIS World

Phase 1: Salons. 

Each nail salon will receive a terminal from us and they will recoup money to give back to their cardholder. If they pay $1200 for POS system hardware we will provide software for free, we give their customer $5 to use at their store. Within 3 months, they’ll see that amount come back to them. Given each store has about 250 merchants, they can get $1250 in the first month. Free monthly service fee for 2019. 4,000 merchants or 1 million users.

Phase 2: Restaurant and Golf. 

Same deal with Nail Salon. $1200 for POS system. Golf are corporations that own several hundred golf courses around the country. They will pay for hardware but they will get free software.

Full functionality
on the go!

Business owners juggle with many types of management: staff, inventory, and customer relations.

Harmony Pay is a one-stop app that takes the struggle out of the juggle. Four ingenious features makes management more manageable: Two-way appointment booking, live check-in wait list, live local marketing, peer-to-peer payments.

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